10 Tips to Market Your Website Offline

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10 Tips to Market Your Website Offline
10 Tips to Market Your Website Offline

Make sure your website address and Facebook Fan Page is on all printed office materials, your letterheads, brochures, office forms, business cards, invoices, statements and receipts.

Ensure all staff member have an email auto signature with website and Facebook fan page on all for email correspondence.

Post promotional signage throughout office featuring website address with Like Us on Facebook logo; Place notifications of your Facebook Fan Page address on all office communications and in patient waiting areas.

Include your web address in various marketing campaigns such as newspaper and television advertising, and radio scripts.

Phone system message script should include your website address for on hold and afterhours calls. Let customers know that they can find information about your practice and services via the Internet 24 hours a day.

Train your staff to promote your website. Your staff knows your postal address, phone and fax numbers so make sure your web address rolls off their tongues just as easily. When potential clients call for information, ask if they have Internet access. If they do, encourage them to visit your web site for information and to Like Us on Facebook.

If you have public computers for clients, use your web address as a screen saver and set it to scroll across the screen when the computer is not in use.

If you have company vehicles, make sure your website address is included in vehicle wrapping with logo and contact information.

Have t-shirts, pens, pads, etc. with your website address and logo – Give them out as promotional items.

Post useful content related to your specialty that is helpful and interesting to your patients, on your Facebook page. Updates on Facebook page can include:

  • Any changes to your practice
  • New office hours
  • Change of location
  • News article about your specialty
  • Update your new services
  • Notice of a conference you’ll be attending
  • Photos of your newly redecorated waiting room

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