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Your Practice Online provides a total solution for the development of your practice's internet strategy.
Web Promotion

Web Promotion is the process of making your website and its address known to those who might be interested in what your site has to offer. Promotion of a website can be an online and offline activity. Online promotion includes search engine visibility, brand visibility and getting high PR links from other sites to yours etc. Offline means using traditional media such as print and broadcast or speaking at conferences, etc.

We will have your website registered with search engines and directories. To make your registration results even more valuable our proven proprietary technology enables your site to be re-registered periodically with search engines, directories, web rings, etc. We also include your website URL to our showcase and Global Directory which will be an added advantage for global promotion for your website.

YPO also promotes your website through social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as part of its promotion program. It is a powerful strategy that will be engaging, get you attention and targeted traffic.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all about?

SEO is a practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase its visibility on search engines. SEO is not just for search engines it also involves making your site better for visitors too.

There are many dimensions to SEO, it could range from terms and phrases (keywords) on your page content to the way other websites link to your website, or SEO could simply be a matter of making sure your website is search engine friendly or structured so that search engines understand.

You can build a beautiful looking website, but unless it is promoted, its content can remain invisible to search engines. This is due to the complex rules built into search technology, which relies on the metrics of relevance and importance to display results.

Don't worry if this is all confusing to you, leave it to us.

What to expect of SEO

The most common request for search engine optimisation services we hear are, "We want our website be on the top ten results of search engines for a particular keyword or phrase" This goal is often flawed and full of unrealistic expectations. Incidentally there are many SEO services companies that are willing to take your money in response to such requests. In some rare cases they might be able to even deliver such request, but often by using inappropriate and unethical methods, which if do succeed would only be for a short period and often at the cost of hurting a website in the long run.

SEO is an ongoing process and needs continuous attention. Please remember there are no guarantees in SEO. When you do reach your goal of getting to the top staying there is another challenge.

Our practice is based on a completely ethical methodology and technique that would require your contribution to be completely successful.

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